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Lions so close you could touch them, although you may not want to,
Rhino's that may be extinct soon,LGS_2201.jpg
and sunsets that will linger in your mind for a long time to come.IMG_4500.jpg
Every minute on safari is special. There may be times when the guide is looking for something specific and you are driving around, bumping up and down in the vehicle not knowing what is around the next turn in the road and then all of a sudden you turn a corner and wow! You were heading to a watering hole to see the hippos at the end of the day and instead a heard of elephant are having a massive swimming party!
I could write and entry on each amazing animal, insect, bird or track in the sand we saw and it would never take you there completely.
Imagine no TV, telephone, news and standing in the middle of the 'bush veld' gazing across the land as far as the eye can see. The only aircraft are the small planes you see between 10 and 2 that pick up and drop off guests.
It's quiet. Devoid of city sounds, but full of the sounds of the life in the bush. A big crunch is probably and elephant near by, you may hear them or not. You might be driving down the dirt road and boom, an elephant right in front of you, or a whole herd.
Then its quiet again but then you hear the birds calling all their unique songs back and forth telling their tales. Perhaps a lion roars in the distance. So you drive, listen, follow. Then there are vultures circling and you know there is something, and finally you find the epicenter, a kill. Three big male lions have brought down a buffalo, as they sleep the vultures are tempted by the carcass. Maybe it smells good to them, not so much to us, but we have to watch. The vultures land near by and disturb the sleeping lions, one of them wake up and come around the bush to his kill to feed, it's gory, but we are glued to the scene.
I realize this is not for everyone, and it surprises me. I notice that when we are near another vehicle other guests are looking at their cell phones or seem disinterested. But for me it's the greatest place on earth.
A place where nature shows man how great the planet is and that our abundance is to be appreciated and not squandered. Every living thing has a place and purpose in the big picture and if nothing else, it would be nice to bring that message home. I will try to remember.
I know you can find these special and sacred places right under our noses just out side of our towns and cities. There are parks and forrests and many protected land areas in the US. I have brought back a special calm that I had been looking for and I am going to do my best to tap into that as often as possible now that I am home.

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You described the scenes and experiences so beautifully that I felt like I was there. It also took me back to my safaris in South Africa and Botswana. Nature does have a way of grounding us and calming us. Keep tapping into that feeling! Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventure.

by Jill Stone

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